How to Find the Right Jewelry Repair Store

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Did your chain just break, or did a diamond come off your ring? There are several issues we can face even with fine jewelry made of real diamonds and gold. Fixing them is an art, because they need to look the same after the repair.

Before we start finding the right jewelry repair store who can fix your chain, ring or bracelet, let’s first take a look at the possible issues you might face. Following are some of the most common problems we face with our jewelry:

  • Breaking of chains: Delicate chains may look pretty on your neck but are difficult to fix if and when they break. At times, you even face troubles with the hook. 
  • Tight or loose rings: Your fingers can swell or shrink with time or sometimes even due to the climate. This may need you to resize your rings. 
  • Breaking of prongs: Prongs are the part of the ring which holds the diamond. When they break or loosen, the gemstone also becomes loose or comes off sometimes. 
  • Chipped-off diamonds: Diamonds are impossible to break, but they do come off from the ring, bracelet, or pendant they’re studded on. They need to be put back exactly as they were.
  • Dullness of the jewelry: This is the most common and least expensive problem with all jewelry. With time, they gather dirt and lose their shine. That’s when you need to get them polished and cleaned.

How to Choose the Right Store for Jewelry Repair?

Repairing fine jewelry is no piece of cake. It takes professional skills and experience to make a ring, bracelet, necklace, chain or pendant to look just the same after repair. 

Hence, here’s what you ask yourself when looking for a jewelry repair store:

Where did you buy it from?

Usually, fine jewelry sellers provide repair services for the products you buy from them. Since you have purchased the jewelry from them, you cannot have anyone better fixing it. This is because it is their design and their hard work, which made the product in the first place.

Now, in case the store is not there anymore or does not provide repair services, you move to the next option.

Does the store belong to any professional organization?

There are certain services which require a lot of professional skills. Such service providers usually have an organization where they commit to a code of professional practice. Your store must be registered with such a standard organization that certifies them to be professionals.

Is the staff of the organization certified?

Ultimately, you need to know the man who’ll deal with your broken jewelry. You’ve invested a lot in buying it, so ensure that it is repaired properly.

Does the store have a good reputation?

If you’ve never been there before, find out from only known people whether they’ve provided standard services in the past or not.

How much do they charge?

Do not go for stores who charge way too much than standard rates. Make your comparisons from the good lot before you choose.

As you get answers for the above questions in order, your list becomes narrower till you find the right person. You have invested a lot behind the jewelry you want to get repaired. Hence, make your decision wisely.

How to Find the Right Jewelry Repair Store

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