11 Ways to Pick a Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

How long have you been searching for the right wedding ring? Well, ideally you should take time to find it because the market does provide you with a hell lot of choices these days. In fact, your search should begin soon after your finger has been enhanced by your engagement ring.

Before you step out, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Your ring has to be selected based on the choice and comfort of your partner, the one who will wear it for the rest of his/her life.

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Engagement Ring for Your Wedding

Consider the following before you begin the search:

  1. Prioritize the Stores

You need to first make note of the stores which are the best and scrap out the ones with a bad reputation. Pre-determine the places you’ll go to and the ones as a back-up option.

  1. Should the Ring be a Surprise or a Match?

Couple attires for wedding rings and clothes have become popular. If you both want it that way, shop together. However, if you want it the ring to be a surprise for your partner, go with his/her best friend.

  1. Check the Size First

If you’re going for a ready-made ring, you need to know if your partner’s size is available. Even if you’re getting a fresh one made, there are some designs that do not work with very tiny fingers.

  1. The Colours Your Partner Wants

Usually, yellow gold ring studded with diamonds are the most popular choice. However, modern choices include 2 more colours – silver and rose gold.

  1. Your Partner’s Comfort

Well, this is an important thing to look at – your partner is never going to take off the ring after the wedding. So, choose a design where the stones do not hurt or irritate the fingers while working.

  1. Durability of the Ring

The most long-lasting metal you can choose is platinum. If that’s beyond your budget or not the colour choice of your partner, you choose yellow, rose or white gold. Never go in for silver.

  1. The Style Your Partner Likes

Engagement ring and wedding ring designs can be traditional or modern. Traditional designs have a plain comfortable band and may have a single row of diamonds grooved into the metal. Modern designs have wider and flatter bands and the diamonds are placed more uniquely.

  1. Your Budget

Be practical, not emotional. Your ring needs to be worth the price and within your purchasing power too. Don’t go beyond a set limit and ensure the design and quality are up to the mark as well.

  1. Opinions of the Jeweller

The jeweller being a professional knows what’s trendy and what’s classic; what’s comfortable and what’s durable. Hence, keep your ears and mind open to his advice.

  1. Quality Check

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the jeweller for silver over gold. Check if the ring is genuine before you buy it.

  1. Try it Out

Make your shopping companion try out the ring. What looks beautiful outside may not necessarily look good on the fingers.

That’s how you narrow down from store selection to the perfect ring. It is considered perfect when it brings a smile to your partner’s face and never comes off his/her fingers.

11 Ways to Pick a Wedding Ring

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